Profound music

Ben·e·dic·tus /ˌbenəˈdiktəs/ noun: Benedictus invocation beginning Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini (Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord) forming a set part of the Mass. 2.a canticle beginning Benedictus Dominus Deus (Blessed be the Lord God) from Luke 1:68–79. Word Origin mid 16th century: Latin, ‘blessed,’ past participle of benedicere ‘wish … More Profound music

Poison Ivy

I found an excellent post on Poison Ivy and how it can teach us awareness. Poison ivy doesn’t tolerate such behavior.  She asks us to be present with each moment.  She asks us to observe, to pay attention, to be aware.  If we are aware, we can avoid the more intense lesson she offers: that … More Poison Ivy

Chakras In Islam

Originally posted on My Spiritual Interpretations:
The Chakras are energy centers located in the Spiritual “Subtle” body of consciousness. They are located throughout the body to symbolize each level of consciousness experienced and over come. There are 7 that you can experience here on earth that correlate to the 7 earths and heavens in the…