The balanced “light” diet for your aura

I offer  a “light” diet.  That is, it is a daily plan to ensure health in our Auras  and thus bodies and minds. Energy Centres of the Aura are said to lie over glands in our bodies. Each energy centre is allocated or “vibrates” to one of the rainbow colours of light. The idea is that each day, we use Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Purple frequencies to keep life balanced.

Like millions of others I have seen Auras. Scientists say people who see Auras are “synesthetes” with extra connections  between brain areas that are not normally interconnected. Synesthesia is not an extrasensory power, but a subjective and ‘adorned’ perception of reality.  Science says Auras are not real.

But Auras have deep spiritual meaning and symbolism for those on a Path.  This “light” diet, is purely practical – any modern doctor would say following it would improve health!

Daily well balanced “Light” diet follows…

A Well Balanced Light Diet

Whatever frequency the consciousness “inhales” or utilizes most of, will be the predominant frequency in the aura or, conversely, whatever frequency is not being used, the aura will lack.

Balance is when all the magnetic frequencies are being used – as in a “well balanced diet”. Good Physical health results from a “well balanced diet” .The consciousness’s use of the magnetic spectrum will either flood the organs of the physical body with certain frequencies, or deprive them. according to its experiences so that all our thoughts, experiences and reactions to life are in essence WHY we are healthy or sick. The consciousness is the “speaker” that instructs our glands to relay chemical messages to every cell of the physical body.

Auric health means physical health. Every day our consciousness should experience these experiences so that ALL the frequencies of the magnetic energy we need are washing into the body and keeping our physical body receiving rejuvenating messages.  

RED – the enjoyment of our physical senses, joy de vivre, and feelings of safety.  

ORANGE – physical activity, creativity and exercise.  

YELLOW – Mental stimulation, order, plans and goals, laughter and joy.  

GREEN – Self esteem and love for others. Service to another.  

BLUE – Expression of thought and appreciation of beauty in art music or the world.  

INDIGO – Attention so that the intuitive voice can be heard.  

PURPLE – Prayer, contemplation or meditative docking with the Divine.  

If a “good balanced diet” does not happen our bodies develop “illness” either from lack or overdose. “A good balanced diet” of experiences is not provided to us from the world around us – we have to take what we need and leave the rest. We can plan our own “diet” for we each know what we lack – but we should select something from each frequency of the “menu”. It is extraordinary how simply doing this, changes all sorts of deficiencies we have had and how the physical body reacts most beneficially.  

If we have been exposed to negative experiences that leave scars or blockages in the aura, we need to transmute them with our physical minds so they don’t impede our ability to be healthy, realizing that they were experiential processes through which we have learned something. A useful tool we can use to clear and clarify the aura is called – forgiveness.  


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