Ways to meditate

I collected together some ideas on ways to meditate – I probably used all of them at one time or another. They might be useful to me now as I take back my meditation room in the Furlong house. Its nearly ready!

Sit comfortably

(don’t lie down) and then you could try any of these ideas…


make your ears vast and listen

sing one note in any of the vowel sounds and listen to the sound and silence

study a beautiful thing held in your hand or on a table in front of you

observe your thoughts floating past as though they were fishes in the sea

remember something wonderful that happened in your life

hold something and intuit it – ask it to communicate ideas

repeat any pleasing sound listening carefully to the sound and silence

repeat the name of your mediator or say a mantra

sing a song as quietly and as beautifully as possible whilst listening

re-live a whole pleasing episode through visualisation and imagination

read a sentence – uplifting – and think through every word

count to one, then one, two, then one two three, then one, two, three, four till 20

select a bright coloured thing and breathe in the colour  – colour breathing

study the flickering of a candle

cloud watch

smell something with great discrimination then recall it

remember smells from your past – re-live them

remember faces or people from long ago – re-imagine them

listen to a meditational tape

look at the back of your eyelids, suggest to yourself what you will see

anticipate something touching you on your forehead

have a conversation with your internal organs  – suggest they be happy

study a picture finely for a few moments, then close your eyes and and recall it

count your breathing

draw your breath in through the back of the nose as if snoring quietly

regulate your breathing by focusing on it

listen to the ringing of your ears

chant “om” 3 times (or heu) and then listen to the echo in your ears

listen to a metronome or clock ticking

relax each muscle from head to toe or toe to head

allow your angel to take you on a trip

imagine building a glass house of all the colours of the rainbow

go under the sea and swim with a dolphin in your imagination

above all relax and enjoy being alone on an inner landscape


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