Spiritual “Acceptance” prayer

I found a prayer which I wrote at one point when I was in a dark place.  I filled in the positive and the negative aspects of me and worked out how they could benefit me if I transformed them in my mind, to useful things.

I have always been more introspective than Mr Furlong.

Whether you believe in God, or Spirit or The Universe, or in re-incarnation or not, doing this little exercise might help you as it did me.

Acceptance prayer

I could have been born rich and famous, poor and destitute, healthy or ill, with all the problems that these conditions bring.

But I have already done this.

Instead I was born (name) _________________________             

with the good qualities of (qualities)   ______________________________________________        

and some obstacles like (defects) ______________________________________________                  

which I am able to transform into beneficial gifts of (positive essences)


so that I can become more fully accepting/grateful of my life situation than I already am.

For this, I have the One Stream of Being, and all Its  aspects and attributes to help me.

Thank you.



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