The spiritual inspiration bank Part One

I found an article I wrote  called “Follow your Dreams”. I have posted it in Two Parts

Follow your dreams Part One

My  first husbands’ father was a most interesting man. Not  only was he an expert film maker who had won an award at the Cannes Film Festival, he was the first film maker to “catch” the live birth of chameleons on film – a subject much argued by naturalists who believed at that time that chameleons only laid eggs. He was prominent in public life, mayor, councilor, friend and helper to hundreds of people in his city. All the time that I knew him, he would say “I’m going to write a book.” Then he would explain the plot to me and outline the characters. It sounded really good. He never wrote the book.

There is the 10% of the 10% Human Factor Rule. That means that only 10% of the 10% of people who feel they have an “inspired” idea, will actually act upon their inspiration and DO it.

When inspiration comes, it can feel like our own idea, but it usually isn’t.  We have plans to introduce a new product into our business, or start a new business, or invent an invention or something like that. In moments of clarity, we access knowledge from the Inspirational Consciousness and there is one thing we can be absolutely SURE of – that someone else has accessed the same information before us – or is doing so now. We own nothing – no idea is ours alone.

I knew a man who was very tuned in to downloading ideas from the Inspirational Idea Bank. One day he was very busy making a toy that was going to bring him a million (if we think THAT then it usually doesn’t!) and when I looked at it I remembered having an almost identical toy myself in 1952!  He had simply downloaded an old idea – but a good one nevertheless.

Someone else I know, “invented” a simple fire proofing idea for paper and is still trying to market it, taking out patents to protect the millions his idea is going to bring him, even though he has been reassured that a similar system has been used by industry since 1962.

Last century there was an international court case when  Eugene Marais author of The Soul of the White Ant first introduced the idea that the whole ant nest is the animal simultaneously to a naturalist in Germany. Understanding  the nature of inspired knowledge  which is freely available to all,  would possibly have saved Marais the agony of believing that his idea had been “stolen” by someone else.

Downloading from the Inspired Knowledge Files  is subject to the 10% of the 10% Human Factor Law. The choice of whether to act or not is ours, but if we do not ACT  no result can follow. If we do follow the dream and find we are being blocked, restricted, or opposed, or if we find that someone else is doing the same thing or somehow the dream becomes a nightmare, we have the choice to shelve, cancel  or alter the dream so that it can wait for the moment of synchronicity.

I watched a woman, so obsessed with getting her project off the ground against enormous odds, that it literally killed her. The 10% of the 10% Human Factor Law needs the correct circumstances of  synchronicity to spark success. The rule is “If the time is right, it will be easy. If the time is wrong, it will be hard.”  It is only Churchill who had to say “Never give up, never.” and he only said it because at that time it was necessary to say it.  Continued….


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