The spiritual inspiration bank Part Two

Follow your dreams Part Two

End of Part One – The rule is “If the time is right, it will be easy. If the time is wrong, it will be hard.”  It is only Churchill who had to say “Never give up, never.” and he only said it because at that time it was necessary to say it. Continued…..

If our inner feelings prophecies that we will be world-famous, or channel art from Van Gogh, or music from Beethoven, or write inspirational messages to the world – it is probably true that thousands of others are being inspired with the same impulses as a probability – which it could be. This is not a trick. It is simply the 10% of the 10% Human Factor Rule. Life is difficult and often we can’t do what we are inspired to or the time is not right for us or others around us – like my father-in-law, we never write our book. But he could have. Who can say it wouldn’t have been a success?

Someone I know says “You can listen to yourself and have a life, but if you listen to your inner “angel”, you will have ADVENTURES!”

The inner angels, deeper self, guides, intuition, inspiration, the law of evolution,  or whatever we call the inspirations, work against heavy odds!  We are so busy living that sometimes night is the only time we listen when our conscious minds are asleep. Our ego claims ownership of  our “good ideas” and  we work to bring ourselves financial rewards from them. But the very best rewards are sometimes not financial or material – though these do come sometimes – but the ADVENTURES that come to us are our treasure if we follow our dreams.

If we put parameters on how we want to achieve our dream, we thwart the energy of synchronicity. If our dream is to have a retreat in a wild place by the sea and someone offers us a wild place in the mountains – we go for the mountains because that is what is being offering in synchronicity to our inspiration. If we wait for the wild place by the sea we might miss out on mountain adventures which are correct for that time and that moment in our lives and those of others around us. Our inspiration and dreams involve others too – inspiration is also working through them.

Thousands of humans have dreams to paint, write, invent, create, make secluded nature retreats, healing centres, compose, channel, travel, change ourselves, serve others with unconditional love. Considering the 10% of 10% Human Factor – it’s a wonder anything gets done at all!

Thousands of us are downloading wonderful information from the Inspirational Ideas Bank – which is our shared mind – we need to have the perception to know that others might have the same knowledge and that it might have been done before and not to be disappointed if it has. If everything and others synchronize with us, our plans will come to pass in a perfect way.  Our product will be launched, our business will be a success – we will write our book.

But if we don’t follow our dreams, investigate our inspirations, watch for the moments of synchronicity, take action and become the 10% doers of the world, we will miss out on priceless treasure – the adventures that come to us as a result of taking action.

So let’s follow our dreams. If WE don’t  paint, write, invent, create, make wild retreats, healing centres, compose, channel, heal, travel, change ourselves, serve others with unconditional love or whatever, who else is going to?


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