Mixed identity meditation

Well, the restored meditation room is proving to be good. Mr Furlong is not a meditator, but I am. I go in every morning and am establishing a nice routine. Furlong dog is a natural and comes in with me every time – except for the time I locked him out.

On that day, I dropped into a meditative state quickly. The warmth of the sun on my back and the comfortable seat, lulled me into a fantastic not-there-ness. So, not being there, I came back into myself with some alarm when the Furlong dog, not enjoying the separation from me, whom he luuuuvs, hurled himself at the outside of the closed door, which crashed open thunderously.

For a moment, as I shot back into myself, I wasn’t sure if I was the dog, or me. But the Furlong dog was delighted to find ourselves together again – whoever we were.


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