Spiritual Cup Cakes

Recipe for Spiritual Cup Cakes

The ingredients of a cup cake are sugar, flour, rising and milk. If you mix all these ingredients incorrectly you don’t get cup cakes. The same ingredients make pancakes, doughnuts and other stuff.

Inside a cup cake it is light and fluffy. A cup cake is very different to a doughnut!

If you are not light and fluffy inside, you know you are stuck with a doughnut. Most humans are either pancakes or doughnuts. They would feel much better if they felt light and fluffy inside.

The beating and the rising make the difference.

If you are taking too much beating, start getting light and fluffy inside about everything in your life. Lightness and fluffiness are caused by the rising you use in a recipe. Together with the beating, they make the quality in a cup cake.

Your experiences of loneliness, fear, insecurity and lack of confidence is the beating you need so that later you will understand those doughnuts and pancakes that just get all stodgy instead of happy.

The rising is what YOU have to add. You do this by working on your attitudes to the beating you are getting. Rising makes all ingredients in a cup cake foam up. That’s why it’s called rising. You do this to yourself by lightening all your emotions, by keeping your thoughts and feelings light and fluffy. If you have a depressing thought, add rising and – voila! – you have a cup cake.


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