Mystical creation

Here is a fragment I wrote once when my life was a mess…

YOU are the loving creator of your life environment. You can sustain it or destroy it.

In sustenance, it is your energy and love, interest and concern that keeps it all going.

In destruction, it is your lack of love, nurture or co-operation with those other conscious forces around, that cause fragmentation, entropy and decay.

In your private Universe, the sustaining power is LOVE.

Anger, resentment, worry, guilt, regret, vain glory, pride or stubbornness are entropic forces, for they consume themselves.

If forces such as these have supplanted the energy of love, you, as a creator, need a change of attitude.

Either go on and learn to sustain your private Universe with love and care


Collapse your system and start again


Change to an easier model.


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