Are you interested in reading Runes?

I have written a lot about Runes in the past – I thought I’d share…and if it proves popular, I’ll share some more. Are you interested in Runes?

Using Runes can be fun.

Runes are a system of glyphs put together by the ancients. Runic is an alphabet, the symbols of which make an ancient language, lost to us now. But we use them still when we “read” them to make a connection with our inner selves – a sort of spiritual exploration. The most common number of Runes used nowadays are twenty five. But I have a set with thirty.

Much of our Alphabet is Runic.

To read the Runes is not at all supernatural. No one is making a connection to spirits or unseen forces. Ancient peoples used to consult the Runes as a guidance for actions to be taken, outcomes or for comments on the present NOW.

Rune symbols are traditionally engraved or drawn on small pieces of bark, river stones, or baked clay individually. In a set, it is common to find twenty five separate symbols from the Runic Alphabet.

Runes are selected at random from a pouch or box The Rune symbols can be read  in connection with the others in its surroundings in a layout, or one single Rune can be randomly taken to make us aware of a theme to our day.

Runes have been used for thousands of years to answer questions that are “on our minds”. Some English names of the interpretations of the glyphs are shown below. Of course, if we become aware of the messages around us, we may read our own signs and symbols from everything we see—a feather on our doorstep, the shape of a cloud.

I thought I’d share with you some ideas about Runes. full set



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