Getting meaning from a single Rune

Traditionally now we read the Runes from Right to Left—which makes good sense—for in switching from the normal—we access another side of ourselves! But in its original we have no idea which way Runic was read.

There are several ways of working with Runes.
One of the easiest ways to find instant guidance is to take one rune only. One rune gives a clear idea— a single thought—a new aspect of the question “on our minds.” We seem to know at once the reason why we drew exactly that particular Rune—our subconscious and conscious minds interpret it for us through the reading of the meaning. Often our personal insight might not be quite the same as the written words — but our inner knowing tells us exactly what it means to us in a personal and unique way.
This symbol is called “Hail” and one could take to meaning in answer to our question, or the theme of our day as “Disruption”!


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