The Runes “merkstave”

Some Rune books talk about Runes being reversed if we lay the rune down upside- down—”merkstave” but the meaning does not change—there is simply some slightly negative connotation of the same idea. It matters not which way our Runes lie—if something is “on our mind” the answer lies in the Rune we take and our own minds will remind us what aspect of the meaning is our shadow– our un-working self, lying dormant, waiting to be awakened or activated by ourselves. The very act of taking the Rune reminds us of this us! Reversed Runes are a wake up call.

The three glyphs I have used so far, cannot be read “reversed” as they look the same the right way up as “merkstave”!

standstill disruptionbreakthroughIce/Stillness                                  Brekthrough/Day/Dawn                      Hail/Disruption



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