You are amazing! On self compassion

I responded to a comment recently on how to have self compassion, and I wrote this – so I thought it might be an inspirational point.

The weird thing is that a self compassion moment happened to me once many years ago.

I was sitting thinking about the mess of my life. I suddenly saw myself as if I was not myself, but me looking at some one else’s life. I felt deep compassion for “this person” (me), struggling on, trying to do my best in very difficult circumstances – circumstances beyond my control. A feeling of such love and understanding for “this person” welled up – empathy, sorrow, admiration, when I saw my life as a stranger.

I realised that being “human” is very difficult. Admiration for ALL humans came upon me – and for all living creatures. “Living” is difficult – as difficult for a tiny spider, a mouse, an elephant, as it is for a human. LIVING (feeling, sensing, responding, reacting, having consciousness) is an incredible miracle. It’s so amazing, it’s hard to do it well. No living thing does it “well”. We all do the best we can in the circumstances we are in; millions of humans do it courageously, with acceptance.

Creatures do this “living” thing because they have to – there is no way out, except not living. Self compassion, to me, is to include myself in the admiration I have for the vast flow of life that animates the world.

We stress about our “habits”, especially if they seem bad. Our “habits” are the costumes we wear in our personal “living”. They give us character, and often protect us from more pain or dull our senses. We don’t need to like our habits, or even ourselves, but if we see ourselves as creatures doing this difficult thing called “being alive”, no better, no worse than other living creatures, we can accept our own pain, suffering, fear, rage, joy, stupidity, pleasure, with compassion knowing we are sharing it with all other living things.

Somehow, the burden becomes lighter when we know how we feel is being experienced billions of times over elsewhere and we can love ourselves for being part of it too.

We are amazing. You are amazing!


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