Mystical story – Pristine

In the dark ferment of long, long ago, called Time Primordial, when the ooze of beginnings and the compacting pressure of Will caused everything to be, there was a small consciousness which, very immature, not much evolved, one could say, found itself trapped in dense matter.

“Oh Great Will,” cried the small consciousness “I know you are very busy right now at Creating, but I’m not at all sure that I like this place where I find myself. It’s very dark and dreary and not at all what I expected. I implore you, oh Great One, do you think you could find some time to put me somewhere else?” The small immature consciousness was a tad nervous to speak so boldly, but desperation gave him courage.

“Who is it who speaks so?” The Voice rang throughout the Universe, upturning mountains, causing great tidal waves in the sea, and spinning planets out of axis.

“Oh, dear! What have I done, to question the Great Will!” the small consciousness whispered to himself, not liking the thunderous roar of the mountains, the sea and the dizzy spinning of the planets.

“Speak up!” commanded the Voice of the greatest Consciousness of all.

“Y..Y..Yes…I spoke, er, your h…h..humble servant, me. I spoke” stuttered the small consciousness appalled by the hush of Divine attention that seemed louder than all the tidal waves and volcanic eruptions. “It was me.”

“Who ARE you?” asked the great Will.

“I..I..don’t really know – Sir.” The small consciousness felt very vulnerable under the gaze of the Great Will and lesser Great Consciousnesses of the Universe.

“What do you WANT to be?” asked the Voice. The resonances flew out through the Galaxies distorting all the circular planetary orbits into ellipses .

“I..I don’t really know – Sir” mumbled the small consciousness ,fearing he was making an awful fool of himself.

“Well, make up your mind, there’s lots to do still and we’re all very busy.”

“Yes, well that’s it” said the small consciousness gaining a little courage by the pressure of time. “I thought that I’d better ask now before it’s all finished – Sir” he added.

“Well?” asked the Great Will. “What DO you want?”

In the heavens, far in the distance, the small consciousness saw the spangle of stars so quiet and serene, moving imperceptibly along the orb of the black sky. Such stability and tranquility drew him and he felt an over – whelming desire to be as beautiful as they.

“I want to shine with light.” requested the small consciousness .

“And?” The stars quivered as circles of sound from The Voice engulfed them.

“I want all who see me to be filled with awe and wonder.” There was a little gasp from the other small consciousnesses that had collected around him, for this seemed the most egotistical request, but the small consciousness felt that the Great Will knew what he meant.


ºThe small consciousness was suddenly aware that the voice of the Great Will had softened. He knew that his first two requests were similar to the motivations of the Great Will Himself and he felt a bonding of love for the Greatest Consciousness of all – an understanding.

“And? Come now, some haste, please” The Voice caressed the mountains and stilled the waters.

The small consciousness took a big breath. “I know I am rather immature and not much evolved, but, I want to be eternal. I want to be like You.” He was shocked at how this just seemed to pop out.

“My small friend,” said the Great Will gently, “You don’t know what you ask. It’s very boring to be eternal. Believe me, I know!

You have to spend your time evolving new species and creating new Universes, and all the time you get very little thanks – just complaints, complaints and more complaints. I don’t know, it’s not so hot to be eternal. And furthermore you have to be excessively patient – and wise.” There was a pause, but The Voice was the voice of love, so soft that it’s sonic wrapped all of creation in a mantle of stillness.

The Great Will saw what He had brought into order from its Primordial ferment and He was pleased. But one thing was missing.

“I know where I can use you!” He exclaimed in delight and a few more mountains were formed. “I know!” and Light and Colour flooded into very nook and crevice.

” You must re-assure me that you are prepared to radiate My Light.”

“Oh Yes!” cried the unevolved consciousness with some excitement.

“And, you must re-assure Me that, because your request for admiration was a little immature, you will be prepared to evolve and develop so wisely that your own beauty will only irradiate others with healing?”

“Oh yes!”

“And are you prepared to undergo all the training needed to do this ery important job?” asked the Great Will solemnly.

“Oh yes!” whispered the small consciousness .

“Even though your training be long and tedious?”

“Oh yes!”

“And do you really wish to be eternal?” And now The Voice rang through all the heavens of all the worlds of all the galaxies in all the Universes.

There was an awesome moment, in which the small consciousness summed up the very heavy responsibilities of being eternal. Finally, he replied hesitantly ” As near as possible – Sir” and a deep purpose of love and service entered his innermost core.

“So be it. Let your training begin!” commanded The Voice and the heat from it ignited many volcanos and boiled the very stuff of matter.

For a long time, the small consciousness seemed to be tossed about in a hot molten darkness till he was very disorientated. He learned to hope for some stillness rather than motion.

Then he seemed to be under a huge pressure. He learned to be strong so that he could not be crushed for he knew he had work to do.

In the times when the developing consciousness felt he absolutely and definitely couldn’t stand it the way it was any longer, he learned the lesson of acceptance.

During the long Millenia of time that passed, he learned patience.

Deep within the heart of the earth he heard the suffering of beast and man, he learned compassion, for he was preparing to do the work of the Great Will.

He learned to be silent because, if he was talking, he could not hear the inspiring words of the Greatest Consciousness of all.

In only a few billion years, not SO long, one could say, the small consciousness had been transmuted through his training into a very great and stable consciousness transmitting healing energies throughout his domain. But his real work was still to come.

And he was ready.

“Oh Look! Isn’t this just so beautiful,” exclaimed the woman, showing the piece to her husband.

Light danced off every facet of the crystalline formation.

“It just seems to be speaking to me! I love it.” She twisted the rock so that the light spangled on it like the stars in a dark sky.

Her husband examined it in a reserved fashion until he found the little price tag stuck underneath.

“My God, it’s expensive!” he said and made to put it back on the shelf but his wife took it from him.

“Just feel how lovely this is.” she said, stroking it with her hand, and offering it to her husband to do the same.

“It’s only an old piece of rock. It’s amazing how it can cost so much. Somebody’s making a hell of a profit – and it won’t be me.” he grumbled.

“I have to have it.” announced his wife. “I know this crystal has something extra special in it for me.” and she looked with appealing eyes at her husband.

“God, women are so strange.” he replied grimly, fishing out his wallet.

He gazed at the stone for a moment with inner questioning. Suddenly he had the strangest experience. Momentarily, he got the impression that it appeared to glow with some kind of greater radiance .

Wonder, and a feeling close to awe entered his understanding very fleetingly. It seemed for all the world as if a vast strength was emanating from the rock, allowing him a glimpse of something almost eternal. The man smiled, softening.

“Here,” he said, drawing off the notes from the folds of leather. “You’re right, it is beautiful.

Deep within the rock, the (almost) eternal, wise and loving consciousness smiled to himself. A blush of delight infused the crystal with an imperceptible deepening of hue.

“Now my true work begins.” whispered the consciousness to its vast inner being.


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