Prayers for students

I wrote these prayers for students going off to University

Ingrid’s Prayer…..

Ingi’s Prayer

Supreme Being of MY understanding,
Clothe me with your love.
Veil me in light for my intellect,
So that I might illuminate others.
Cloak me with courage for my life,
So that I might inspire others.
Wrap my heart in your radiance
So that, at every beat, it may affirm to me,
your closeness,
That I may serve you well.



Kate’s Prayer

Divine God,

Hold my hand as I find the treasure chests you have
placed so lovingly in the territories of my mind.
Steady my arms as I struggle with the heavy clasps.
Guide my fingers to the most valuable jewels.
Assist me to hoard these precious stones
Along with those given to me by others,
Safely, so that they may always reflect
Your Light.



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