Spiritually getting synchronised

Sometimes in life we have periods where everything goes smoothly and we feel someone’s looking after us, some other organising hand is at work creating synchronisations and amazing coincidences that keep us gasping with amazement and delight. We are surfing in – what a thrill! At these times everything seems easy – meaningful.

It feels truly horrible when our surfboard hits the beach and we are dumped into the pounding surf and our lives become chaotic, uncomfortably pressured, not developing the way we’d planned and quite out of control.

If the universe is made up of streams of energy all working in consideration of everything else, then at times we are bound to get caught up in the creative and positive tide where we surf with delight. Everything flows right because the time is right for it to do so. If we are wise we will take advantage of the wave and go with it for if we try to go the other way blockage and effort will surely follow!

Synchronisations can come in all shapes and sometimes they get triggered by  the tool of compassion. Once we were in a big city hopelessly trying to find “digs” for a daughter starting university.  We were just about desperate as every place we were sent to was full. Mr Furlong was driving. Suddenly, unexpectedly,  we nearly ran over a rabbit that alarmingly simply appeared in the road. My reaction was to drive on in our haste, but the Furlong children cried out to stop and try to find the rabbit’s owner. A man standing in a garden there told us the rabbit was always getting out of it’s hutch and it lived in the big house with the red roof “over there”. I plodded up to the house and returned the rabbit. Suddenly I found myself asking if the owner knew of student “digs” nearby. “Oh, we’ve just finished redecorating a lovely flat in the back garden – would you like to see it? And we did – and it was perfect!

Doing a compassionate act or making a loving gesture can turn the flow in our lives from negative to positive for it’s when we’re in a state of inner joy and quiet self respect that wonderful things can happen to us. It’s our attitude of faith, positive expectation and gratitude for the privilege of being alive that flips the switch from off to on.


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