On being a healer

Hildegarde of Bingham’s concept that God arranged everything in consideration of everything else and our understanding of the interconnectedness of all things makes everything either a healer or destroyer. My part time job can be quite frenetic and so when my boss says “Oh, well done” in her quiet voice to me when I have managed to handle something well, she is my healer.

When my dog nuzzles my hand if I am solemn – she is my healer and my husband is my constant healer. Hills and lakes, whose task is to heal us, surround me, and the entire plant kingdom has this role too. We can be aware of the healers in our lives and this awareness strengthens the “medication”. I believe healing lies in all things.

Sometimes we are unaware of our healing capacities. If our own light is bright with joy and love, we can heal someone else by simply being next to them in a queue at the post office or walking past them in the street. Sometimes being an unaware healer is (unknown to us) more successful than if we try too hard to be healers. Healing is our natural, spontaneous condition when our light is bright. Trying too hard or the stresses of worrying about the details of our healing technique, dim us.

We are all born healers. We are all healers for we are locked into a weave of interconnectedness with everything else. Just by being alive, we take on our role of being a healer. We lose it when our light goes out. When we know our task is to heal with our light every moment of our lives just like mountains, lakes, rocks and stones do – then our light shines out with divine purpose – and in healing, we are healed!


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