On being a destroyer

We come into life being both healers and destroyers. If we consciously decide to be healers, then we need to have our destroying capabilities under our control. These are our thoughts, feelings and actions that are dark – our shadow selves – which we find to our shock and horror, still exist within us even though we are focused on peace and love.

I was once caught up in the belief that those of us consumed with unconditional love and working on the spiritual path, could transform the world and even make it ascend to a dimension of peace. A dimension of complete peace would be wholly static, no movement, no change, no activity, no thought – for even our thought processes work through the energy of opposites which is the enlivening power of active existence.

Without opposites, light and dark, anger and love, no action can happen. In spiritual healing we use love as a healing tool, but we use it on the understanding that it will “cure” that which is “bad”. A spiritual healer tries to change transactions which are affecting a suffering person. These transactions might be brought along from other lives or be a culmination of many other lives, they might be incomplete transactions from interpersonal relationships, and they might seem very destructive, frightening or dark. If a condition is karmic, a trade-off is sometimes needed for nothing is completely free – not even in the spiritual life!

In using love as a tool for healing, love becomes the destroyer.

Dark, unwanted emotions like self-loathing, anger, jealousy, dislike, repulsion, disappointment, fear, hurt and pain seem destroyers to us, but without experiencing them, we are not impelled to alter anything. These aspects of life cause the motion of living and can propel us to amazing achievements.

When I was thirty-six, with a month old baby, I had what the medical establishment called “a stroke” which left me paralysed, unable to speak and with disturbed vision. My family thought I was dying. As I was being rolled into the hospital on a trolley, I heard one nurse say to the other “Stroke victim” – my emotion of terror and fear suddenly changed to rage – how DARE fate make me a “stroke VICTIM”! My anger was my great assistance, constantly fuelling my desire to live a life.

Medical Science says statistically fighters can get better and live longer than victims who accept their illness as their “fate”. Anger, rage, revulsion, unacceptance are emotions we feel that make us destroyers. We use them as tools to re-organise things.

To those of us who have learned that unconditional love is the only way, this aspect of being destructive, feels uncomfortable. I prefer the term “unconserved” love – love that naturally flows – “unconditional” love places us in a spot – we must love no matter what. Sometimes the conditions we face are not acceptable! We need to listen to our inner voice of discernment (not judgement). If the condition is not acceptable, we use our power as the destroyer – we use anger, pain, hurt and all our strong emotions as tools to change our lives. If we shine our light of unconserved love simultaneously, knowing it is our role to be both healers and destroyers – we can change our world!


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