My theory of god

I believe everything is imbued with some kind of vitality – everything. This is the cosmic force, divine energy, spirit, creation, being-ness, living force if you wish. It is fundamentally a kind of consciousness experiencing itself in its own creation. It evolves by being…..a zillion different things.

Following science, where nothing is wasted, this consciousness/vitality, logically, is conserved – always. It has to be. It rolls over, and over and over in all its forms.

Holding consciousness in its myriad different forms, is the intention to “be”. What makes the difference between a rock and a human, is the intention to experience “rock” or “human”.

What is the mechanism that holds consciousness being, intending all things, to form?

It is light. All matter visible and invisible, is made of light. All processes happen because of the actions of electromagnetic initiations both vast and miniscule.

Without light, there is nothing.

In order, I think of  “God” like this –





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