Eternal soul

I see everything as a magnificent tapestry of “being”. There are infinite manifestations of it, both visible, invisible, known and unknown.

There are many dimensions. Each might not be eternally eternal, but after “being” has evolved through being it, it might be withdrawn, lost, through no use.

Currently, humanity, has a dimension of what we call the soul. This, to me, is the invisible spiritual aspect from which we come and to which we return. We circulate into and out of it. The spiritual aspect, our invisible soul-source, is how the evolution of humanity is decided. It is where knowledge is gathered so that when experiencing being human, it has a point. Experiencing human-ness is a long process – possibly not necessarily eternal. But, till every single human experience ever possible has been experienced by “being” it.

Every experience, is important. Every experience is vital. Nothing of it, not the pain, not the joy, not the fear, not the courage, is in vain. It is all “being” being with intention to experience “human”.


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