About being conscious

Everyone experiences their existence through their own unique stream of consciousness. We live in a dimension we call earth which is a collection of streams of consciousnesses of all kinds. Whatever is – has an intention to be itself – and manifests itself with it’s own unique consciousness. This is the same in all dimensions.

The above then leads to the point that we are able to “communicate” with all streams of consciousness and they with us. It is possible to talk to animals and vica versa, your lost keys (call them – and see what pops into your head!), nature (clouds have been reported to co-operate), other people, all nature spirits, and the invisible creatures that populate the earth. The ability to do all this is expanded with radiating unconserved love.

Likewise, we can work in many dimensions each one populated by streams of consciousnesses manifesting as individual entities. Some of these are less advanced, more advanced, less moral, more moral, less powerful, more powerful, more beautiful, less beautiful, bigger, smaller that our own conscious stream. I call our conscious stream “the observer”. Our “observer” is the part that perceives itself observing. Our “observer” is unique – it is controlled by the point of observation.

I believe – no – I know (from observation) that it is possible to access bands of conscious beings that one would call “angels” (some kind of helpful, caring beings) to assist when necessary in the affairs of men. I know that it is possible to link into a conscious being from other dimensions that is more knowledgeable than oneself, who is able to teach uniquely tailored lessons. I know that each one of us can also access our own higher selves if we make time to shut up, sit down and listen. I know that all experiences we have and have ever had, every invention of the past, present or future, is stored in vast banks of knowledge that are also accessible to us all – and that in the realm of ideas there is nothing new, nothing our own, nothing that is inspired into us to share, that is not merely a tiny stitch in the tapestry of creation so complex, so exquisite, that it is beyond our comprehension.


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