If you want angels – order them by the dozens, in every colour of the rainbow (even black!) and they will draw near.

If you want an inner guru – ask for one – and then observe every aspect of yourself, your thoughts and your life carefully for you will be taught.

If you want to communicate with nature creatures, go where they live and communicate! Listen to your thoughts for they are your answer.

If you want a guide that will help you make jam, choose the best theatre tickets, or tell you what clothes you suit – ask for one – and expect any nationality, shape or size.

The trick to knowing whether it’s your imagination or not is this. Your imagination usually departs from a point, wanders around and gets to another point. Working with real (and they are real) consciousnesses from our own dimension and others, always has the element of complete surprise and unexpectedness so new, different or apt as to take your inner breath away.


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