On waiting

We spend a lot of our time waiting. Before birth, we might have to wait until conditions we have chosen become ready for our birth. The moment we are born, we wait to die. Spiritually the reason for our birth is our ultimate death – wiser and more experienced. We are offered many opportunities to develop our skills – if we miss one, we will be offered another option.

Waiting is not a useless passing of time. It is not empty – but full of something. Before birth it is full of summing up past experience, planning, co-ordinating, requesting permissions from other souls who might somehow play a part with us in our coming incarnation. And permissions from the heavenly “hierarchy” (which exists whether we like it or not) – all the “immigration to earth” red tape!

After our birth, our waiting is full of “life”. We wait for a place in schools, college, and university. We wait to meet a partner. We wait for our babies to be born. We wait to find the right housing, town, job, or career. We wait in tailbacks on the highway, in queues at the bank. We wait to see the dentist or doctor. This physical waiting can be trying and frustrating. If we allow the stress of it to affect us, it can make us ill. If we remember that EVERYTHING (even a visit to the dentist) has to be synchronised to the benefit of all, we give ourselves permission to relax into waiting filled with enriching personal meaning without the stress.


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