Waiting patiently

Miracles happen if we remind ourselves that our highest and greatest soul-self is remembering all the synchronisations it planned before we were born and we are being guided by circumstance into learning the very lessons we came to learn. Physical delay, waiting, frustrations and disappointments can be the tools used to steer us into important life altering and even life saving! events.

All of us are waiting on many subtle levels and the strands of our soul’s hope that we will have useful learning experiences ties us into unconscious emotions we call “urges”, “drives”, “intuitions”, “gifts”, “obsessions” “dreams” “passions” and other aspects of ourselves often inexplicable to us. Sometimes they erupt to the surface of our minds and, without thought, we “spontaneously” HAVE to do something. Or we “know”. Following a dream, a passion, an urge, or an impulse can suddenly open out a new way in which we can grow and develop.

But much of our time is spent in waiting, waiting for everything else and everyone else to play their parts, as we do, in all that surrounds us. If we understand that our waiting is FULL and not empty or useless, then waiting transforms into its divine aspect called “allowing”. We are given the opportunity to ALLOW everything to take its course without judgement or criticism, and we can understand that everything works in transaction with everything else, to the benefit of ALL. Waiting becomes a time of spiritual elegance.


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