Try a well balanced light diet

Here’s a sure fire method of lifting the spirits, improving health and increasing self esteem. It’s a diet like no other one that nurtures body, mind and spirit. Furthermore, if you try it, it can do you no harm – only a lot of good! So be a devil – try it – this is how it works.

Auric health means physical health. Every day our consciousness should experience these experiences so that ALL the frequencies of the magnetic energy we need are washing into the body and keeping our physical body receiving rejuvenating messages.

RED – the enjoyment of our physical senses, joy de vivre, and feelings of safety.

ORANGE – physical activity, creativity and exercise.

YELLOW – Mental stimulation, order, plans and goals, laughter and joy.

GREEN – Self esteem and love for others. Service to another.

BLUE – Expression of thought and appreciation of beauty in art music or the world.

INDIGO – Attention so that the intuitive voice can be heard.

PURPLE – Prayer, contemplation or meditative docking with the Divine.

If a “good balanced diet” does not happen our bodies develop “illness” either from lack or overdose. “A good balanced diet” of experiences is not provided to us from the world around us – we have to take what we need and leave the rest. We can plan our own “diet” for we each know what we lack – but we should select something from each frequency of the “menu”. It is extraordinary how simply doing this, changes all sorts of deficiencies we have had and how the physical body reacts most beneficially.

Simply put, every day do something sensually stimulating – something pleasing like relaxing in an aromatic hot bath, having a bubble bath or extra long shower, dancing, eating an extra delicious snack, sleeping in silk, getting your partner to massage you with oil, brushing your hair, body stroking or back scratching! Devise something that feels good and tells every cell in the body to feel happy. Remind yourself how pleasant it can be to have a body. Focus on that.

Everyday create something – make your extra delicious snack which you will appreciate with your sense of taste and smell. To be creative you can cook,draw, paint, sew, write poetry, sing, play an instrument, make jewellery, do beading, make greeting cards, walk down a different road, run, work out at the gym, do yoga, move rhythmically to music, work in the garden, write a diary, make a scrap book – the list is endless and you can make it unique to suit your circumstances.

It is necessary to laugh daily! Joy and laughter infect the cells of the physical body with the greatest antidote to misery and depression – happiness – and happy cells work as well as happy people. Laugh daily.To order your life, discipline yourself to tidy one drawer, dust one corner, scrub one pot to a gleam, pay a bill, sort some papers, organise a “to do”list. Make one action towards your goal. Read something mentally stimulating, funny, uplifting or challenging.

Find someone to do something for even if it’s the tiniest action, unnoticed by anyone else. Keep it secret – don’t tell a soul – to speak about your goodness tarnishes the heart.

Look for beauty – you will find it all around you in sparkling eyes, sunrise or sunset, a tree, a flower, a picture, . Listen for beauty and you will hear it in music, in the gush of water, the song of a bird, the voice of someone you love, distant laughter, the giggle of a child. Feel beauty in your throat. Speak gently, honestly and humbly – words are powerful manifesters of your future.

Affirm the presence within you of wisdom and truth, following your inner guide of conscience, the rightness and wrongness of discrimination.

Every day make God as you understand Him, your Commanding Officer. Have a daily briefing.

In a sentence – enjoy something, create something, laugh at something, do something good, think something good and tune into good.

Enjoy – it’s a diet that works for life!


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