Auric bleaching – a new whiteness 1994

This article in three parts – Part 1 (this), Part 2, Part 3

In times past, the light that fell on the auric field of humans was the healing light of the sun, the silver light of the moon, firelight and candlelight. The colours flowing into and out of the electromagnetic sheath of the body were natural, warm and earthy.

Since the industrial revolution, the light that we bathe ourselves in both night and day is artificial unbalanced and emits powerful magnetic fields. Computers, Television, and Electricity, cause our day to be lengthened, our nights shortened, and the magnetic pond, in which we swim, to be polluted. We are destroying ourselves. Or are we?

Is it not exactly right and proper in the Divine plan of things, and has it not come at the correct time in the developmental process of our earth and the life forms in it, around it, and upon it, that, we are causing ourselves to go into light?

Light that falls upon any surface, releases light-energy from that surface. Each photon of light is either a particle or a wave with an invisible magnetic field (ie. a force which it exerts). The Auric field of any living thing, is made of photons of light and each photon has its magnetic field. So to call the human Aura “the magnetic field” is partially true. The other part of the human aura consists of photons of light – colour – that are drawn into the mental, emotional and invisible physical body through the energy centres and used as the language of our thoughts and to instruct cells, via chemicals, on how to behave. Specific wavelengths are used in the thought processes which cause us to be.

Red is our “rooting” wavelength. It is the physical senses, appetite, energy, our “place”, home, safety, self protection and defence wavelength. It keeps us in this dimension.

Orange is our “rooting” done with the yellow mental energy of the intellect. We create with thought, using our physical energy. We use orange wavelengths to physically create in our dimension.

The yellow wavelengths, we use for intellectual processes and in causing things to happen about us that we “will” with our minds. This is our “organisational” wavelength.

Green (being yellow and blue) is the energy that we use to construct our own self esteem and feelings of self worth with our intellect. When we have self worth, then we are able to esteem all else – and communicate our love via the blue in green. This is our “linking up with others” wavelength.

Blue wavelengths are used for communication and appreciation of something awesomely more beautiful than the self. They are the “linking up with something more” energies.

Indigo wavelengths are our “psychic sonar energies” which guide us on the journey through the dimension in which we have rooted.

And Purple wavelengths keep us docked to our real being.

We – I mean the whole of the earth and all its parts – have been working with unpolluted light since the last time we mastered the use of the electromagnetic spectrum for our own benefit. Now we are mastering the electromagnetic spectrum again. We are pouring light into our electromagnetic sheaths and causing a “bleaching” out of the previously rich, natural and physical colours keeping us in this dimension.

When you want to make pink – you add white, or light, to red. Pale blue is achieved the same way. If the concept of this is taken into the colour that we ingest through our energy centres, then, we are being undernourished. As we sit watching TV or reading in electric light, the artificial photons of electromagnetic energy, are bouncing off the particles of light in our auric sheath. Photon by photon, we are being bleached out as our own photons are released under impact. Our magnetic fields are being greatly disturbed as well.

We – I mean the whole of earth and all its parts, are magnificently adaptable – and we have done this thing before! We are going pastel!


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