Auric bleaching – progressing to pastel – 1994

This article in three parts – Part 1, Part 2 (this), Part 3

Our Electromagnetic fields are mutating so that we will be able to function perfectly well in this new enlightened ocean. Our physical bodies are beginning to switch over to handling an over exposure to electromagnetic energies by simple evolution.

So this is nothing to be depressed about. It is great. It is proper. It is a whole wonderful, natural and exciting process!

But heck, it is causing some physical discomfort here and there. So, being magnificently adaptable, we are finding that the way to mental and physical comfort, is to simply become luminescent.

Our new pastel red wavelengths will cause allergies to anything we eat or breathe in, or wear that is not also pastel. And food prepared without love will sit uncomfortably in the gut. We will be hyper-sensitive to “atmospheres” in buildings, doing business with ventures based on greed or eating, wearing or using their products. We will feel a dissatisfaction with where we have “rooted” and long to root in a finer dimension. The old ways will not suit us anymore.

Many men will have prostate cancer, and women, cervical cancer, as the energy centres struggle for the old nutritional wavelengths.

With our new pastel orange wavelengths, we will find the physical dimension and the way we have created things before, to feel uncomfortably laborious! Such an effort. Such hard work! Our young people will want to do less. We will have days of great lassitude and exhaustion. Some will wonder where their “drive” has gone.” Laziness”, it will be called.

Many people will develop Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

And with our new pastel yellow intellects, we will feel it too bothersome to think or “will” anything much. Our sense of humour will change to subtle delight rather than paroxysms of belly laughter. And we will do far more allowing than organising. This might be called “slackness”.

Thousands will develop stomach ulcers, diabetes and liver disorders as this energy centre struggles to process finer shades of yellow in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Our pastel green heart energy will cause us to work less on our own sense of self worth, and feel more connected to the worth of the whole being. Doing things for others will feel less of a schlep. In fact it will feel like our only reason to be.

But as this energy centre adjusts to the pastel frequencies we are creating, there will be more heart attacks, lung cancers and bronchial diseases. The health warnings on all cigarette packs will produce a self fulfilling prophecy and the use of ultra violet protection sunglasses will cause an increase in T B, Candida and other bacterial / fungal infections.

Pastel blue wavelengths coming into our communication centres will cause us to feel very uncomfortable with anything less than the perfect truth. A directness of speech will make many feel uncomfortable with us. Untruth, heard by us, will ring an ugly sound in our ears.

Physically, mankind will find ‘flu and coughs, lymph cancer, and thyroid problems troublesome.

A lighter shade of Indigo will cause a heightened intuition and psychic knowing and the Sonar beam of inner guidance will be much clearer. It will be happening to everyone so that others will “know” about us too. Pastel midnight blue will lessen our judgmental processes – especially its negative side of self criticism and others criticism.

There will be discomforts of sinus, hayfever, outbreaks of conjunctivitis, cataracts and headaches of all descriptions. And quite a bit of mental confusion.

But there is fun too…….


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