Auric bleaching – the magical – 1994

This article in three parts – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (this)

The magical thing about going pastel is that we will quickly learn how to avoid all the pitfalls and enjoy all the advantages. As millions of people will have more success with subtle and alternate healing, it will become the norm. We will access lots of lovely knowledge from the Cosmic reservoir and spread it around the world very quickly via the Internet. Many of the old ways – especially all the rotten stuff – will crumble away because the new pastel wavelengths will not be able to sustain them. So it might not be easy. But it will definitely be exciting.

With our new pastel powers, we will remember some mistakes we made in the past and remember that we came to avoid them this time. Each one of us will find ourselves in exactly the right place at the right time so that we can do what we came to do.

With our lilac umbilical cord, we will draw in clearer images of our higher self, the real “us”, which is already pastel. We will be able to fuse completely with ourselves whenever we need to because – at last – we will match!

Moving in and out of our higher/lower-self fusion state, might be a bit tricky at first. The trick will be in learning to stay “rooted” that way. Being in sync means every thing goes like a dream, we have just enough money, we’re exactly on time for the bus ‘though we thought we’d miss it, the very person we wanted to see walks in, we think we need flowers for our room and a friend brings us some . This happens because we are synchronized with all the other higher selves of the pastel dimension..

Being out of sync is very uncomfortable and feels even more so by comparison. No one seems to understand what we are talking about. Physical things won’t stay in place, or fall on us, drop, or otherwise misbehave. There is absolutely no parking when we need it most and we get a ticket to boot. The list of un-pastel situations, circumstances, and people is endless. When we feel mis-matched with all around us – we are! Something has happened to our colour. We are literally not on the same wavelength.

The solution – translution! We need to consciously feel ourselves becoming translucent, allowing the finer frequencies to transfuse us with their pastel power. This is our new electromagnetic ocean, being made by our very own selves, and as soon as we have learned to surf and swim, it’s going to be grand!

In the meantime, some nice games to play are already giving many prople lots of fun.

With pastel red rooting energies we can give others more of our space without feeling threatened. When we’re in sync in the orange, creating something is easy – there is always exactly enough paper, ribbon or paint or the tool we want will be there at our elbow. Thinking in the new yellows is as close as an inner knowing – amazing solutions simply pop into the mind and every thing organizes itself in a perfect way.

Our hearts feel connected – especially in a heart to heart hug – pastel green hugs are nutritious in every way. Explaining in pale blue is easy because the listener already understands what we mean and our iridescent indigo psychic sonar devices lead us directly to where we ought to be.

Kindergarten teachers know that in playing, much learning can happen in the very nicest way. The pastel realms are already full of beings who surf and swim with skill. While we learn to empower ourselves in the kindergarten of our new pastel ocean, we will find more and more, that we are not alone and that it is the teacher we choose that makes it safe for us, comfortable for us and, mostly, truly delightful.


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