Breathing beauty (1998)

The latest information about our bodies is that the skin,
flesh and bones that give us so much trouble and demand so much
of our attention daily, is not a stable collection of cells,
molecules and atoms, but a flowing thing rather like a cellular
river, renewing, changing – often with startling speed.

Did you know that your stomach lining is brand new every ninety
six hours? And that the inner lining replaces itself as you
digest your meal? Did you know that your skin is new every
seven days? Your skeleton is new again in three months. You are
almost totally new in a year. There is not a single bit of you
that is left from three years ago. If you wonder how on earth
doctors can know this – it’s because the scientists can tag the
molecules and atomic structure of the body with radio isotopes
and “see” what’s what.

We are really highly unstable. Instead of thinking of yourself
as a permanent thing, the same old me, – fat, ugly or
deteriorating – whichever phase of life you are in, think of
yourself as a perfectly, naturally and miraculously renewable

Astonishing results are being obtained with cancer sufferers
who learn to visualize their cells renewing, overcoming or
“turning on” the invading cancerous cells like Pac Man in the
computer game. Each patient works out his own imaginary style
of getting rid of his cancer. He changes the flow of his own
river with the power of his mind.

Likewise, it is possible to alter any aspect of the unstable
physical body, with the imagination. If you think that sounds
either – impossible – or – too easy – you can try it yourself
and you will find it is not impossible and it is also not easy!
It takes a huge amount of self discipline and you will find all
the excuses under the sun as to why you can’t do it.

Here is how you breathe beauty.

Try an experiment on your face. The skin renews very quickly so
your first results will show up in a week. Also, our faces are
often what we don’t like most about ourselves and what we
examine in the greatest detail – usually with very negative

In the morning, when you wake up and are still relaxed, lie in
bed and begin to do some deep breathing. Be aware of your
breath coming into your lungs, feeding your flowing river with
life-giving oxygen. When your breathing is regular and you
have got your imagination aroused with thoughts of revitalizing
energy moving through you, take a breathe and hold it. On the
held breath, imagine yourself placing the oxygen on your face
and neck. You will instantly feel the skin on your face and
neck warming up. Some people prefer to imagine their skin
becoming pink, or shining with light, or whatever idea appeals
to you. Let your breath go, taking off your
oxygen/pink/light/or whatever face mask. Relax. Breathe in and
hold, replacing your imaginary beauty mask. You will get so
skilled at doing this that you will be able to “instruct” the
oxygen in exactly what you want it to renew. You might imagine
your skin becoming elastic, smoother, softer, glowing or spend
all your thoughts on one aspect that you need to alter like a
turkey neck.

It is very beneficial to imagine that your face cream, which
has been specially created by the manufacturer to beautify you,
is doing just that! Imagine it moisturizing your skin all day
or working deeply on your skin all night. Most of us slap it on
with little thought except a critical look at what we think it
isn’t doing. At this point, our skin cells also get the

This face beautifying technique needs to be taken like medicine
– three times a day! Do it again after lunch and again as you
are going to bed. This is where the discipline comes in. Self
discipline is not easy. You will find all sorts of reasons why
you can’t do this thing. You forgot. You had no time. You woke
up late. You were upset with your boyfriend. You were feeling
sick. You had a late night. It doesn’t work. You lost interest.

The extraordinary thing is that other people will notice the
difference in you before you do. They will say “My, you look
happy today.” or “Gee, you’re looking well.” or “Have you
changed your makeup?.” or “Have you met a new guy?” They will
give you the first clue that what you are doing is changing
the flow of your physical river. You are getting the best
co-operation from your face cream and your own skin. After the
first week, you will think you are imagining a prettiness about
yourself, a certain undefinable quality about your face that
might be your imagination. Hang in there. Some more work is
needed. Keep on. And as you get clues from others too you can
be confident that this thing is real and not your imagination.

Heavy work on deep wrinkles can take a long time – eight months
or more. It needs special dedication. And of course the worst
thing you can do is to rush to the mirror after the first day
and say “It isn’t working.”, because then it wont!
Breathing beauty is about using the mind to alter the physical
body. On the held breath, the flow of oxygen is already
circulating in the blood, it has passed through the cell walls
of the lungs in a few thousandth of a second and attatched
itself to your red corpuscles turning them bright red with
life. In sixty seconds this corpuscle has travelled around you
completely. If you consider that with one breathe you take in
an estimated 11 000 000 000 000 000,000 000 oxygen atoms some
of which you are diverting to the skin on your face, you will
see that you have a very powerful beauty aid. The held breath
is the moment of focus of both mind and body.

More and more evidence is accumulating that shows us we are
what we think we are. Put it to the test. Who do you think you
are? How would you like to be? Try breathing beauty. The
results might encourage you to make all sorts of amazing
changes – anywhere you like. Remember there are no excuses,
take your “medicine” three times a day. Breathe beauty for an
essential change in you.


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