Ideas on Creation

Creation is a pulse of energy. It, the energy, is thrown out from the centre of stillness/bliss, which you’d call God, and returns to itself like breathing out and breathing in.The energy all returns to the Source. It is drawn back slowly (our time) and more slowly (God’s time) than the original out-flinging of energy.

Every pulse takes Eons of time. The whole of the Universe is a living entity – God, and is that part of God that is slowly being drawn back into God again to get ready for the next pulse.

Being a living entity means that all its parts are living. All galaxies, stars, moons, planets, gasses, rocks, debris and matter floating in the universe are living. The life force of rocks, the rocks of your earth and all other planets and stars are living life forces. Just as molecules revolve (like the planets do) in miniature, so all living matter revolves constantly within the pulse of creation. The agitation of movement is great. God can only re-absorb matter when it has slowed down its agitation to high vibration of the same still state of the Creator.

In order to slow agitation into restfulness, all matter (i.e. creation), has to revolve within itself over and over until the life forces – energy – can slow down, refine.


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