Do unto others

The whole of Creation has a yearning to go back to the Source.

Beauty, love, order, rhythm, music, nature, poetry, uplifting thoughts, religions, art, are all the yearning of mankind for higher things than he himself feels he is. They ease the suffering of existence and make him feel there is something better.

Look for beauty when you are feeling down or depressed – live for the moment, enjoy all the love that surrounds you – these are the things that make your life worthwhile.

And serve!

Jesus said “Whatsoever you do unto another, you do unto me.”

If we are all God, every action taken to uplift, heal, love, be pleasant to, take away from the suffering of another is done to God – which is yourself. You will be uplifted, healed, loved etc. in the exact proportion to that which you give – and more will be added. Forget yourself.

Love your life.


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