Animals and karma

Every layer of creation – and there are many, seen and unseen – is subject to the law of cause and effect – though it is inefficient at a karmic level in the planes of insects, animals and plants. They suffer the effects they caused in a quicker space of time. For example, an animal misjudges the size of his prey because he is hungry, or weak or old and is killed. The effect is instantly obvious. Plants, insects, animals, and simple species, have no thought on what they do as a whole. They are controlled by instinct, which is motiveless.

It is the motive in the law of cause and effect that is important. The motive is the unseen thought behind the action. Motive is connected to the Ego. Animals kill, nest, migrate with no motive in it for personal gratification, revenge, love etc. They just do things because it is their instinct, or they learn behaviours because over the time they discover it is best for their survival. Animals, insects, plants and basic forms have group souls. You could call that an “over soul” into which they migrate and then transmigrate into the material form.The over soul is the mechanism of evolution.

Humans can greatly impede the progress of their animals and pets if they mourn and grieve for them too much because the bonds of love trap the animals in a state that does not allow them to merge with their group soul.

Death is a transformation into a new state of experience.

Humans are taught that at death, experience ends, life ends.

This is not true.


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