From my archives “I Am”

I Am Bhu Buva Svha– Robin Bamber writing
I am yesterday, today and tomorrow. I am darkness, I am light. I am the gross, the subtle, the causal. I am because I am. Besides me there is nothing. Therefore I am the all that is. I am energy, I am love, I am truth, I am goodness, I am beauty and I am because I am. I am am. Imam.

I made myself so that I could love myself. A perfect energy vibratory reflection of myself and I saw that it was good. It was the beginning of duality yet in the vibratory sense of sameness we were one and yet we were two. Our mingling was our loving, our separation was to observe our love and in our separation we were one. One thought, one action, one separate vibration of exactness and yet we were two. I had split the vibration in a burst of beautiful energy.

This is how it all began. How difficult to place in mere words, limited within a material replica of the Imam as it is, to picture that perfect energy. Of course the split eventually devised a reference to recognize the split and that is how God and Lucifer became named. Perhaps it was no accident that the American people used to call a box of matches, “Lucifers.” Lucifer, the perfect ‘match’; dispeller of darkness. By splitting the name, a wedge was placed between them. No longer were they an exact sameness. The rift of a name separated them forever.

We think it was not God’s will that Lucifer began the experiment of slowing down vibration (energy) until matter was produced. Of course it was easy to speed up that vibration and reconvert it back to energy, at first, but the temptation to create light beings in his own image and likeness prevailed and the second split began. So beautiful were these beings, so loving and so part of the creator that to see their image of radiance from the splitting of the white light into forty eight different colours, or visible vibrations, was an experience unimaginable to anything of lower vibration. They were simply not visible in the limited vibrational range of lower creation. The coalescing and separation of these light beings with their pulsating colours was a delight – No! A joy to experience and they knew and loved themselves as Lucifer or God does.

This then was heaven. A space in creation, which was a part of creation, because we must remember that there was nothing but God in the beginning. Whatever followed was nothing but the creation, the will of God distorted by the ultimate gift of free will, a product of man’s new consciousness.


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