From my archives “The Gross”

The Gross- Robin Bamber writing

From this area of energy containing these light beings, which we now call the Unified field are also contained, space, time, matter, energy and gravity. All together they were called the Unified field, or put another way, consciousness. Thus Consciousness is primary. Every aspect of the material world finds its origin in the unified field wherein all laws pertaining to space, time, matter, energy and gravity exist. From the Unified field of consciousness, which is undefined, lies every potential. From this came the first vibrating patterns, which slowed down and become physical matter, as we know it.

All of creation, or that which is visible to us, is nothing more than consciousness which has slowed down. It’s mind boggling to think we now have 5 billion people on this planet and no two are exactly the same with the exception of identical twins. From this continued slowing down of the vibration of the light beings, comes the spiritual body, the energy body, the mind body, the emotional body and ultimately the physical body.

Consciousness, then also known as the field of non-definition, by its very nature it has the potential to be many things. The understanding of consciousness is that we have the concept of self-interacting dynamics of consciousness. Because consciousness is so all-pervading, there is nothing else but consciousness, or the Unified field exists everywhere. Humans do not live in the Unified field, they are the Unified field. The fact that they have consciousness supports this fact. They then all began to believe that they were “this” or “that” body, but the truth is we are all connected at the energy level.

With these self-interacting dynamics are three operating principles.
Firstly the “Knower.” When consciousness becomes aware of itself, it becomes, “The Knower.”

This is followed by the process of knowing. When that process of knowing becomes a process, it is called, “Knowing.” “That which is knowing.” When that process is known or experienced, it becomes, “That which is known.” This process of complete consciousness diversifying into creation, is the business of creation. With the unification of these principles, it becomes, “Whole or Complete.”

Thus we have two fields of experience. The diverse field, which is the process of becoming and the unified field, or the process of being.

When we experience the unified field, there is no differentiation. When we slow down consciousness, we enter the diverse field and we experience things as different objects such as chairs, tables and or plants. The self-interacting dynamics allows creation to happen.

Having sunk in vibration to this level we lose consciousness of the unified field and concentrate only on the diverse, we then invoked the mistake of the intellect and forgot who we are.

From time to time, those souls of advanced consciousness, who no longer suffer this experience, will return to this plane in order to raise our consciousness back to our realisation of who we are. Rama, Shiva, Buddha, Zoroaster, Jesus and Mohammed, to name the few of my awareness and currently, Sai Baba. All have the same message couched in different words. None are involved with possessions nor power, only to raise the consciousness of mankind back to its original state. “You don’t have to get to God, you are God,” states Sai Baba. “You just have to realise it and its implications. Jesus too said he was the son of God and later said he and his father were one. When you connect with his saying, “As I do, so can you do also,” we see the same message as given by Sai Baba, only a little more disguised for the understanding and the politics of the time.

Because our senses only have an awareness of a narrow band of the total vibrational field, that which we perceive with these senses we presume to be our reality. Also, because our perceptions differ according to our interests and desires, so then does our reality. The reality of one human is not that of another in totality. It is therefore possible to change our reality by changing our thinking. We reap what we sow. The first universal law common to every one of us.

I have a picture of one of these special people, previously mentioned, holding an elliptical object (egg shaped) above his head with the caption. “In my hand is contained the universe.” It is the teaching symbol for humanity, a complete diversity of opposites. It represents a world with two centres. One negative and the other positive. Hence we have male/female, black/white, love/hate, happiness/sadness, good/bad and on and on ad infinitum. Within this field we are able to have experience, for we cannot appreciate one without the experience of the other. Why! Even the orbits of electrons around protons are both eliptical and negatively or positively charged. The same follows on the greater scale of our universe and possibly again beyond our awareness.

We, as humans, have lost our awareness of unity and yet we are aware of the effect of a hologram. Thousands of exact images which when combined become a greater image of the same object. It’s like looking at a brazier fire at night from a distance. We see many lights from all the holes punched in the tin, but the reality is that there is only one light. Also because something is beyond our sensual awareness, we don’t believe that it exists. An example of this is that we are able to see all the colours of the spectrum yet nothing of lower vibration than infrared, nor of higher vibration than ultra violet and yet a honey bee can see ultra violet and not the colour red. A slight shift to the right as it were. Dogs too are able to hear a much higher vibration that can be sensed by a human. Hence the famous “soundless” dog whistle. The mistake of the intellect is to deny our wholeness. From this denial is developed sickness and we now realise that holistic treatment can and does repair our physical damage.

This then is the gross field of experience in which we live, breathe and have our being. Only by a major shift in consciousness will we be able to return our God reality. My joy lies in the knowledge of the reality of this emerging realisation.

We are God, we are not different from God.
We are the supreme, eternal, indivisible absolute.
We are being, awareness, bliss.
Grief and anxiety can never effect us.
Fear can never enter us.


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