From my archives “The Subtle”

The Subtle- Robin Bamber writing

We invoke the mistake of the intellect when we say, “I am a body and I have a soul.”
Would it not be true to rather say, “I am consciousness?” After all, when we are in the sleep state, the body appears to have lost consciousness. We can talk to that body and yet evoke no response and therefore we are not the body.

Perhaps then the truth is that we are the mind? I think not, because nothing changes as quickly as the mind and if truth can be defined as “That which never changes” (or it cannot be the truth) then we are not the mind. The mind is simply a tool used by the consciousness.

By the same reasoning we are not the emotion. Emotion causes an immediate direct effect upon the physical body and is often that which drives the body into certain behavioral patterns. You are motivated, or what was your motive?

When we “die,” the physical body can no longer vibrate at the same frequency as the soul, or consciousness and a separation occurs. The body, or the old clothes that the soul was wearing, are discarded – have become worn out. We return to our consciousness or the unified field as previously defined. It is here that we become expanded now that we are no longer “Helled” by believing we are the body. An example of this expanded consciousness would be like living at an address in a street in a city. Our whole life we are conscious of those around us, where to buy food, where to entertain our senses, where to buy our clothes, where to hear music. We live at the ground level of huge high rise buildings. We are conscious that they are there but never think about it very much; our preoccupation remains with survival. At the time of separation we now enter these buildings and go to the top floor from where we can see for miles down the street where we lived in both directions; we have expanded our consciousness.

More exciting than this is our realisation that we have returned to the unified field, that once again we are one. Is this not the reason why Jesus told us to treat all men as our brothers? By harming someone else all we do is harm ourselves? We return to the connectedness of all things.

Our physical bodies that we continue to imagine around us, if we care to, then slowly fade away, are no longer necessary. It is within this field we are able to examine our so called “Lives” with open minds almost as if we were another being and are able to see all the mistakes we made, the compassion we shared, the hurt we caused, see our lack of consciousness. With this in mind we are able to feel regret, wish we had behaved differently, go through all our conflicting emotion with our new expansion of consciousness. This is our “Day of judgement – purgatory – mount of revelation.” We express regret, wish to put back into balance the energy we have disturbed, begin to shape our new lives for lessons or tests we realise we have not yet passed. We realise this new plane in which we again exist, is a quantum leap from the confines of physical existence. Our past life a flash of memory yet important in the cosmic consequence of events.


Does this name echo the myriad of stars
As Cosmos blooms along the freeway tars?
These pastel flowers stand brightly upon my loving shrine
Some white, some pink, some pale mauve,
A few like burgundy wine.
What joy they bring, to all who choose to see.
In sacrificial death shines beauty there, for you and me.
A few short weeks they proudly hold their pose
While humans gasp and poets write their prose.
Too soon they die erased from the memory of man
Where out of sight, forgotten, are lost as memory can.
Yet in their seed, by which the wind, is then random flung
A brand new crop is waiting birth, once more it’s song is sung.
This Cosmic law to man applies, once born grows old and dies
A parallel code of nature to material things applies.
Again were born, like flowers, to reproduce the race
A stronger and a better form, to fill the vacant space.

It’s only now by nature that we at last are seeing
The very reason why we’re here, the reason for our being.
For each new crop in every year and as we turn the sod
Brings us closer to the knowing that we are truly God.


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