From my archives “The Causal”

The Causal – Robin Bamber writing

God the father, God the son, God the Holy Spirit, God the all that is. “I am alpha and Omega” the beginning and the end. I am because I am. I am am. Imam.

Only words we use to try and define the unimaginable. Within our definition we separate ourselves into different religions. Why! We even kill each other in the name of peace. What contradiction is this? Surely all religions belong to God? If you were an ameba how would you define humankind? If you were a human, how would you presume to define God?

How else can you define perfection than to see it as a perfect orb. A beautiful shining orb suspended in nothingness, just as the Earth seemed to be. In order for this orb to maintain perfect balance it must continuously put out millions, even billions of probes to test every conceivable aspect of everything. Some of these probes have greater missions than others have and yet every one is equally important within its designated mission. I see these probes as thoughts of God; parts of God in continual motion, called mankind. When each mission is completed it is absorbed back into the whole and analysed.

Are us humans, not these thoughts? Perfect replicas of God, each one with a mission? All interdependent and interrelated to each other? Is this not the message taught to us by the seers? Does not our responsibility lie within these missions, our deviation caused by the perfect gift of freedom of will? Free will is our distraction, our ability to learn from our mistakes, our ultimate prayer of being able to truthfully say, “Thy will, not mine be done.” Selfishness turned to selflessness returning us once more to our home. To the all that is.

Oh Lord! I pray that you this day, by my side will choose to stay.
Use my body to do your work. Be in my mind that I not shirk.
Fill my heart with your compassion, teach me how not love to ration.
Show me how I you can serve and use my life so I deserve
To earn a place near you to stay. Oh Lord! I fervently do pray
This wish of mine comes true this way.


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