Robin Bamber and Mary

Robin Bamber lived in South Africa. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was given a few months to live. That was many years ago! He proceeded on a healing journey which he has recorded in his book “Stepping into Light”. Tragically his wife, Mary, died before he did after a trip to India.. He lived an eventful life in a cottage with his dogs and a few years ago, he joined his beloved Mary.

His books and tapes are available on Amazon.


For Mary, A Glass Of Wine

When you are sad and feeling blue, know I miss and feel for you.

Just  fix your gaze upon the moon, from where I am,  I’ll see it too.

To see the pale light on your face, the echoed moments, times of grace

When I stood beside you hand in hand, Oh! weren’t  those moments blissful, grand!

I feel you now, your outstretched hand to touch my face; my lips to kiss,

Oh sweet embrace! gives thanks for depths of memories stored

Within my bosom I them hoard, until again, I know we’ll meet.

Our souls are joined, a one way street for us to follow, till

Time does end,  again my broken heart to mend

Welcome death, I cannot wait to meet again

My love, my heart, my soul, my friend.

A glass of wine your taste

To  thrill. Till gain

We meet

Our cup

To   fill.

Let not

Life dwell

On   pain.

Lest in our sorrow  we

Miss the gain pressed ‘pon our souls

That parting makes.  Our growth, our strength to

Share  with others.  Our realisation, all are brothers


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