Finding your Inner Angel Part One

Finding your Inner Angel Part One

How it seems to work

The earth and all its inhabitants have come into being by the intention of having a physical existence through which they experience themselves. The earth has many forms of life on it both visible and invisible. Human beings, animals, insects, plants, rocks, soil and the planet itself are visible and science only studies this part – they think it is all that exists! The invisible aspects are creatures living in or on the earth, nature creatures, and creatures of the elements that are not perceivable by the human eye. Mankind has known this forever, but science denies such things exist. The fact that other dimensions  – or angels – exist and can be communicated with by us is a subjective experience and anything subjective is thrown out scientifically as not being objectively observable and therefore not “scientific”. Science requires more than one “observer”. Whatever is not experienced by the normal human senses is not accepted by science.

The American Military have scientifically trained persons using remote viewing as a technique to investigate other dimensions that co-exist with ours. The existence of other dimensions is not under question. All the teams of remote viewers in Military employment reported dimensions of those who had died – heaven – and also dimensions in which they found loving, conscious beings which they “scientifically” termed “Midwayers” . These “Midwayers” seemed to be what various religious and spiritual groups have called “Angels”. The “Midwayers” reported that their function was to assist humans. The big brass of the United States Army were somewhat thrown by these findings as “heaven” and “angels” had not been on their agenda! The remote viewers were not religious or spiritual persons – simply Army personnel.

In fact our earth, visible and invisible and the many dimensions existing, are so vast, complex, and unexplored that our existing body of knowledge which science and medicine has, is “kids stuff”. Progress is being made with the new concept of multi-dimensional matter – not, of course, mystical in any way – but a step towards the moment that Einstein predicted where science and “majick” fuse into one understanding.

Linked to and interacting with earth is the earth plane called “heaven” “astral plane” or whatever your own personal terminology calls it, where our consciousness/observer goes to on death. “Dead people” populate this. It is a repository of “observers”, resting, waiting, working, learning – until a time comes for re-birth onto the earth, or a possible parallel dimension where they can experience themselves.

Each one of us is our own “observer-self” – we observe the world around us moment by moment as we progress through our lives. Our own experience moulds our attitudes and beliefs. How we feel as the “observer” colours the experiences/interaction we have with our surroundings. Somehow, when we feel “lucky” – we are lucky, when we feel “loved” – everything is beautiful. If we have some money in the bank – we feel more confident than if we are penniless, battling debt.

This winter I used to walk home from work with a friend and we would separate at a beautiful little bush on a wall at the side of the road. Every night we commented on the catkins developing on the bush with joy, anticipating spring. They were really pretty. One night, after a day from hell at work, when we approached the bush, I saw the catkins under the streetlights as big grotesque worms hanging off the bush, ugly, repulsive. My mood was one of negativity – the victim of a bad day.

The mood of the “observer” reflects back from that which we observe.

How the “observer” learns to interact with the world around him is the aim of his lifetimes. A wise “observer” changes, alters, learns, grows, develops, and finally loves unconservedly.

As well as the earth in its visible and invisible form, there are other dimensions populated by inhabitants experiencing themselves. These dimensions are many and the forms of life in them too numerous to imagine. Some forms are grotesque, exquisite, loving, hurtful, meddlesome, comic, wise or dim and live in their own paradigm.

These are the lower dimensions consisting of form. Our earth is dense. To change anything in it takes mental and physical effort. Our “heaven” is less dense and changing it is done with the mind. Other dimensional “observers” have physical form, which they can likewise change – shape shifting – according to the dimension they are in.

As well as the lower dimensions, which use form, there are strata/streams of consciousness/observers, than are virtually formless, ethereal, unsubstantial, spiritual creatures. Some have form – bodies of flowing light –, which might look like cloaks, wings, gowns, and clothing. Angels are part of this group. Angels are customarily seen to have wings.

Angels have the task of assisting humans.

Then there are streams of consciousness, highly spiritually evolved consciousnesses, whose function one can only guess at and whom writers and mystics try to put into hierarchal order – which I am not even going to try.

What seems to be possible

We all communicate with the people around us that we can see. Simultaneously there are consciousnesses everywhere, unseen by our physical eyes – with which communication can also happen. We live in a sea of living consciousness, some less alert than our own, some quicker, wiser, less mature – just like the folk with which we come into contact daily. We withdraw from some people because they disturb us, influence us, drain us or give us the creeps! The same discrimination should be applied if we are going to open ourselves up to the personalities of the invisible realms.

It is possible to talk with all streams of consciousness around us in our physical life – nature consciousness, the spirit of the water, sea and sky, plants and animals and even seemingly inanimate things for all carry knowledge within themselves and are able to co-operate. Jamming doors, wilting plants, lost keys, parking places, dust and dishes become transformed objects if we are willing to be polite to them!

It follows then, that as we are telepathic creatures, we are able to interact with other creatures also, remembering that many in other dimensions are colourful and not always moral.


If we tumble into experiencing and interacting with anything telepathically or with our psychic senses we might set up relationships with – negative energy – meddlesome energies – hurtful energies – spiteful energies – violent energies. So there is one test that I was given by my human friend and mentor, which always works. Ask yourself  “does this feel light, clear, and loving?” and “am I comfortable with this?” She used to say “If you feel that some oddball is contacting you, a joker, a troublemaker, say ‘Move on – you’re not welcome here with me’”.

Once, I was in a very negative phase of my life, low and discouraged. I got into some ugly repetitious sequence in my head “haemorrhage” it said over and over until I wondered if I was going mad. I wasn’t sure if I was repeating the word or something else was. I am frightened of “haemorrhage” of any kind whether physical, emotional of financial, so every time the word popped into my head, I reacted with fear. Whatever was happening to me did not feel light, clear, happy or loving and I certainly wasn’t comfortable with it. I wondered if it was a warning – but having experienced warnings before, I knew they come clearly, with love. I believed that a negative thought form had hitched itself onto me having been attracted to my own negative condition. It was extremely hard work to shift my own “observer-self” into a more positive frame of mind and the “haemorrhage” thought form left me. Nothing transpired to show it was any kind of warning.

So the observer-self can affect the type of interaction with the invisible and it should always feel light, inspiring, clear and loving. Furthermore the observer needs to feel comfortable with what is happening. The release from the negative energy comes with the alteration of the observer-self and not by trying to repel the negative creature.



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