About thought

Thought is a fruitive action. It is the cause of an effect. Thought is material. Thought is a material thing. Thought causes a thing to be. Thought takes form as a thing. It is as material as a chair or table. Because thought is an action, it should be used with a motive of selfless love or harmlessness.

Saying “Thy will be done” in prayer or suplication means “I am prepared to suffer the price or reap the reward of my prayer.” The law of cause and effect is immutable – it governs the whole of life – especially thought.

If you live a busy, agitated life, rushing around hither and thither and either enjoying or suffering all the actions and activities of the world, you will never hear the thoughts from another being in another dimension – or the still small voice of God.

A spiritual life can only develop in calm, silence, less agitation, peaceful, quietness so that you may listen to the voice within. Meditation is the only time in which this process can happen. During meditation you can tune into God.

You can block this out at any time by rush and activity and confusion.


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