Survival Manual for Earth Energy Changes

Native American Indian Ceremonies and Mother Earth Prophecies
the harmonic convergence

Survival Manual for the Earth Energy Changes

Since we have passed through the center of the Vortex in the year 2000, things have most definitely speeded up. There is no foundation left for the institutions of separation that supported the Fourth World that we adults have lived in most of our lives. We have created time, governments, financial institutions, educational institutions, caste and class structures and ways of thinking that allowed us to see ourselves as separate from others. We have lived our lives thinking that validation came from someone or something outside of ourselves. All of that is a part of the past.When Earth passed through the center of the Universal Vortex in 2000, the Fifth World began to solidify. There is a different energy surrounding our planet now. Time is passing by very quickly and we are witnessing the collapse of many of the institutions that were once familiar ways of life. Within ourselves, we are experiencing physical traumas as our bodies rearrange to accommodate the new energy vibrations. During this time, our DNA is being triggered. We are developing physical and emotional adaptations to survive in the Fifth World. Our senses of intuition, hearing and feeling are heightened. Although this may seem chaotic, we have an opportunity to grow in dimensions that were not available to our ancestors. Now we can really experience our connection with All Our Relations in the Web of Life and truly become creators of our own reality. We are living in a most exciting time!

Source: Survival Manual for Earth Energy Changes & Prophecies

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