Question: My anxiety is horrible. I consider myself a spiritual person. Why is this happening? What is going on?

Profound way of dealing with a horrible thing..thank you Atreya

Anxiety is the ego losing its foothold. Anyone that suffers from anxiety will tell you that there is a detaching away from a sense of “me.” The body responds to the ego’s panic, and it becomes a loop of mind-body reaction that keeps the fight or flight response active.

When we think of that word anxiety, we think of how we feel. Clearly, how we feel is a mind-body based phenomenon.

Body-sweating, rapid heart rate, numbness, and many other physical symptoms.

Mind-Racing thoughts, panic, intense fear.

There are many degrees of anxiety, from a general anxiety that seems causeless, anxiety that has a cause as worrying; to extreme panic attacks that overwhelm the entire mind-body organism.

Anxiety offers a tremendous opportunity as far as spiritual growth is concerned, because it forces the aspirant out of a comfort zone. The ego is never allowed to fully sink into unconsciousness…

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