We all have the same absolute time

I am having to think about this post. It somehow seems profound, yet difficult to capture. The sentence that caught my attention is “Therefore you simply need to make peace with the time” which is especially true when we are faced with old age. We are told that there IS no time which is very difficult to comprehend when we SEE the progress of time outside of us and in our physical bodies. There is no one getting old, who hasn’t had to face the truth that, even though the inner light is shining, bits start “dropping off” ! when we get old. Yet, in a strange way, old people become oblivious to THE time (of day) – rushing is not an option.

The Truth You Always Knew

The underlying thing is moving at the same rate for all of us

  1. It is how you be with the time that matters
  2. Time is the only True Resource
  3. Time is simply the motion of light

I will write a longer piece about time being motion shortly

A relative oscillation to the source which is ever present and always Here

Therefore you simply need to make peace with the time
And be here

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