Meditation naturally

Elizabeth Sheel

I have different ideas on meditation. I believe we can fall into meditative states in all sorts of ways. We don’t have to burn incense, cross our legs in the lotus position, sit in a circle, set crystals, or chant. These things do help certainly.

But some people, are just able to meditate, naturally.  I wrote about a famous singer, once, in my journalistic days. He was a herd boy before he became a multimillionaire. He told me, that his music started when he was herding the cattle.

Herding, is not always an active job. He spent hours sitting under any shady tree in the vicinity, simply watching. Not thinking. In those times, he “fell into a state” he said, of hearing music. I believe he was meditating and the music he heard was what he spent the rest of his life trying to re-create.

I don’t think others of us…

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