In the Now Moment

Hope you don’t mind – I’ve put this in my archive Gentle its so simple and good!

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Take time today to Be Still, in the Now Moment.  If you have a sacred space, a place you retreat to for me time, go there now.

Give yourself permission to take some time out from a busy life.  It recharges Mind, Body and Soul.

Perhaps  light a candle, play some soft background music. You may like to use incense or an essential oil.

Choose a position of comfort keeping your spine straight, arms by your side or in your lap and feet flat on the ground.

You may choose to close your eyes to reduce any external distraction, preparing yourself to go within.

Focus just on your breath. Notice the air flow as you breathe in through your nose. How the coolness warms as it flows deep into your lungs. Hold it there for a moment. Then gently let it sigh out through you partially open lips. Do this…

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