What’s an Aura?

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Spiritual Journey Healing

Journeyers. Have you ever noticed someone who made you feel good simply by looking at him/her? Ever observed someone for the first time and knew there was something off with that person, even though he/she never said a word to you? It’s all because of their aura.

An ‘aura’ field can be defined as a luminous glow that surrounds a person’s body, almost like a halo.  You may have seen ancient depictions of religious and spiritual figures with this glow surrounding their heads.

before Before Kissing

after During Kissing

Today, modern science is discovering that we are all, in fact, surrounded by this type of colored band of sound, light, and vibration. It’s not just above our heads but it also extends all around our body, and it can affect the way we feel.  It is a natural component of our body and it represents our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies.

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