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5 Spiritual Conditionings To Be Free From

Thank you for this interesting post. I am re blogging it to my Archive site if you don’t mind?

The Hungover Owls

maxresdefaultAlong the spiritual or even self-help path, we can accidentally pick up or even invent ideas that hold us back and restrict our flow. Here are five potential conditioning to notice in yourself, accept, eat with your light and let them go back to the source…

1) You must have a silent mind

Of course it can happen, it is beautiful, but it is not a rule. There will always be turbulence at some point, especially if you just stepped onto the path, or just got into meditation – there is years of old crap or old energies inside that need to come up and be released. You will experience them on the surface more intensely for a while. Remember they will pass.

If you fight with turbulence, or noise, you become swept up in it all. Be out of the water, on the bank, out of the trouble, and close…

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