Intuitions.. Psychic powers.. Spirituality or Co-incidence?

I found this very inspirational. Thank you. Lovely post! Do you mind if I re-blog it on my Archive site?

Kissey Zindagi Ke

Today morning something happened that left me awestruck (which has been happening since I don’t know how many months or years) and thus, bought me here to express my thoughts about it.  So here I share what I have derived after some research, reading, thinking and a bit of over thinking too!

So I was up in the morning and engaged in my daily routine. I started missing somebody whom I hadn’t met since last couple of weeks and hadn’t had a word with since some days. I was taking a shower and I thought let’s go out and call him. I got fresh, checked my phone and there I saw a missed call from the same person I was thinking about.

There is a friend who stays next door and would come home every day. We are really close friends. At times we would end up talking all the…

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