Reaching into the unknown – intuition

Lovely post. I’m keeping it in my archive site if you don’t mind?

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    Reaching into the unknown

Every cell in my body told me there was something seriously wrong with my child.  He was screaming in pain at the slightest movement.  I admit it didn’t take a genius to work out he was sick. But the doctor was dismissive. His cursory examination found nothing abnormal.  I was an over-anxious mother. He didn’t say it in those words, but I just knew that was what he was thinking. He’s just pulled some muscles in his chest, he saidI wasn’t convinced. To placate me he reluctantly ordered an X-ray. So off we went and had it done immediately. And guess what? I was right. My son had pneumonia without all the usual accompanying signs and symptoms such as high fever and  breathlessness.  The doctor, to his credit, apologised and made note in his file that this child is prone to atypical…

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