Sound, Music – and Chakras

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Having just written a couple of posts about

Sound – Bubbles and Waves and Music – It’s So Much More Than Notes

it seemed a logical next step to delve back into chakras.

There are many different traditions when it comes to describing and working with  the human energy field – Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu.  Perhaps the best known  is that of Indian origin – the chakras. Another related term you may have come across is kundalini energy. 

Chakra is a Sanksrit word that means “wheel” or “circle”.  It is used to describe spinning circular wheels  of energy that are located throughout the physical body. Kundalini is also Sanskrit and refers to the life force energy and consciousness  coiled at the base of the spine.

Not everyone is  aware that chakras can affect our wellbeing on many different levels.  They connect to organs in our physical body. If chakras are out…

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